Early spring bloomers can gear your landscape up for the coming season.  Whether you have perennials, shrubs or trees, early spring bloomers will definitely get you in the mood to start landscaping.  Some of the best early spring bloomers are bulb flowers.  Daffodil flowers are one of the most popular spring blooming flowers.  Early spring bloomers such as Daffodil’s start emerging from the ground well ahead of other perennial flowers.  Depending on the weather, you may even have snow piles present when these flowers start to emerge.  There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, so anyone can find a color to fit their tastes.  Tulips are another perennial flower that blooms early in the spring.  Again, there are many colors to choose from when selecting tulips for your project.  Hyacinth is also a great selection for spring color.  This perennial exhibits bright purple to bluish flower clusters as well as pink, red and white that grow on a 1 foot tall stalk.  These flowers look incredible when used in mass plantings.  Early spring bloomers like Crocus offer yellow, orange, purple, blue or white flowers.  This flower grows up to 6 inches tall and does well in full sun to part shaded well-drained soils.

Early Spring Bloomers

Early spring bloomers also include shrubs.

Forsythia is a great early spring bloomer to decorate your landscape with.  This shrub ordains bright yellow flower blooms and definitely makes an impression.  The yellow flower blooms will last up to a week or two, depending on the weather and plant conditions.  This shrub is fantastic to use in hedge applications or as a stand alone plant.

Bridal Wreath Spirea is also a great eye-catching plant to use in your landscape.  This shrub produces bright white flower clusters.  If this shrub is shaped in a globe form, it will look like a giant snow ball in the spring when it starts blooming.