Cutting block with a concrete saw is one of the quickest and most accurate ways.  Every project from retaining walls to patio pavers will likely require cutting block.  Depending on the project, you may use one of the following tools: concrete saw (wet or dry) or a wet cut table saw.  Concrete saws are hand-held gas-powered power tools that utilize a diamond tip blade.  Diamond tip blades work the best for cutting block because of the hardened diamond material found on the edge of the blade.  This material is stronger than the cement block, so it forces its way though the material with ease.  Concrete saws require a skilled operator because you have to be able to cut your block straight.  If you are a novice, consider practicing on scrap material first to get comfortable with the operation of the machine.  Using a table saw allows you to get a perfectly square and straight cut.  When you use this type of machine, you are able to have more control over the cut of the block.

Cutting Block

Tips for cutting block.

  • Replace your diamond blade with the diamond tip wears down.  If you cut with just a metal blade, it will be hard on the machine.  The cut of the block will not be as smooth either with a dull blade.
  • When you are cutting block, follow through with your cut.  If you make a partial cut, it is hard to line back up again.  This will cause an uneven cut or angled cut to occur.
  • Attach a garden hose to the concrete saw to turn it into a wet saw.  This will eliminate the dust caused by cutting the block.
  • Slowly ease into your cut to avoid bouncing your saw around.  This can cause small unwanted scuff or cuts on your block.
  • When cutting block it is important to cut less instead of more.  You can always trim your block down, but you can’t add to it if you cut off too much.