If you have a dog, you probably have dog spots in your lawn.  Dogs are mans best friend, but they can sure do a number on your lawn.  There is nothing worse than a perfectly manicured lawn with yellow patches all over the place.  No one is going to trade in their prized pooch for a perfect lawn, but there are several things that you can do to help your lawn recover from pet damage.

Dog Spots

Questions and answers about Dog Spots

Q.  What really causes the damage that creates dog spots? 

A.  The spike in excess nitrogen in one small area.

Q.  Does it matter if I have a male or female dog?

A.  Yes and No.  Female dogs tend to relieve themselves in one small area causing too much nitrogen to be placed in one small area.  Male dogs tend to leave a little bit here and a little bit there, which reduces the amount of nitrogen in one small area.

Q.  Why does a green ring appear around the damaged dog spots?

A.  There is nitrogen in the urine and since nitrogen increases grass growth, small amounts of nitrogen may benefit your lawn.

Q.  What should I do if I have dog spots in my lawn?

A.  Flush the dead areas with at least a couple of gallons of water to help remove the access salts.  Remove any contaminated soil if necessary.  Add compost or black dirt to the area and re-seed.  If you do not get the excessive nitrogen and salts out of the soil, you will not have success at re-establishing your lawn.  Too much of a good thing is bad (nitrogen).

Q.  How can I make my dead spots green right away?

A.  There are only two instant options, re-sod the area or paint your lawn with an organic dye.  We offer lawn painting services to cover up damaged dog areas.  Lawn dyes will not fix the damage, but cover it up.  If you are in a bind and need an instant repair, consider lawn dying.