Landscape weeds can invade even the most beautiful landscape.  No matter how often you pull landscape weeds, it just seems like they keep popping up.  There are few good explanations why you may have continuing landscape weeds.  You might not even be aware of what is causing your landscape to pop with weeds.  Below are a few common causes for landscape weeds and also a few suggestions on how to keep weeds out of your landscape beds.

Landscape Weeds

Why landscape weeds may be present.

One of the first things that you must understand is that there are thousands of weed seeds in your soil, waiting for the perfect time to emerge.  This doesn’t mean that your soil is bad, that is just what nature does to repopulate weeds.  If your property is next to a vacant lot or unkept property, yes you can get more weeds in your landscape.  Is this the only factor?  No.  Since you already have thousands of weed seeds in your soil, let’s try to prevent them from emerging.  Installing a ground cover is a good start.  Mulch or rock beds will drastically reduce the emergence of weeds in your landscape beds.  If the soil is not exposed, weeds will generally not grow.  Mulch must be spread at a thickness great enough to cover the entire dirt surface.  If your mulch layer is too thin, it will allow for landscape weeds.  We recommend installing a granular pre-emergent product such as preen to your grounds surface prior to installing mulch.  This will create a weed control barrier on top of the soil.

If you are installing rock, you will need to install a weed mat between the rock and mat.  If you simply place rock over soil, weeds will find their way to the surface through the rock.  If you cover this area with plastic or fiber weed mat, you reduce the weeds ability to reach the surface.  Plastic weed mat works better than fiber weed mat because weeds cannot grow into it.  Fiber mat on the other hand, lets weeds grow on top of the mat by rooting their way through the mat and down to the soil.