Spring lawn care should start-up in the next few weeks if the weather cooperates.  Even though we have had some recent snow falls, temperatures will start to warm up soon or at least we so hope.  Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring lawn care needs.  If you are not already on a fertilizing and weed control program for your lawn, spring is the best time to get started.  If your lawn has been neglected in the past or is in need of an additional helping hand, be sure to give our office a call.  One of our licensed applicator’s can assist you with choosing the right program that fits your spring lawn care needs.  If your lawn has been struggling in the past, consider getting a soil analysis done on your lawn.  The results of this sample will let you know what nutrients your lawn needs or what your lawn has too much of.  Just one or two things out of balance in your lawn can cause poor growth, thinning or color loss.  The health of your lawn can also be compromised by insect or fungal damage if it is weakened by underlying circumstances.  Proper fertilizing involves knowing what your lawn needs and how much of it.  Big box stores do not take into account the specific needs of your lawn, so the mixture in the bag may not be a good fit.  Professional applicator’s are trained and have years of experience diagnosing and treating lawns.  Take the guess-work out of fertilizing this year and go with a pro.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care Tips

  • Remove compacted leaves or brush from your lawn.
  • Remove all sand debris accumulated by the curb area.
  • Get a soil analysis of your lawn done.
  • Set your lawn up on a full season fertilizing and weed control program.
  • Set your mower at its proper height for the type of grass that you have and for the time of year.