One of the most entertaining and fun projects to install in a landscape are backyard waterfalls.  Backyard waterfalls come in many shapes and sizes.  Depending what your tastes are and what your budget allows, you can create outstanding focal points in your yard.  There are many features that you can add to your landscape including, pond-less backyard waterfalls, pond backyard waterfalls, self contained fountains and statues with water features.  Most water features require little maintenance once they are installed; this is why they are becoming more popular than ever.

Backyard Waterfalls

Backyard waterfalls and water features.

Most water features require the use a pump to flow water through and or over the desired feature.  Since electric pumps require an outside electric source, consideration should be made prior to the install of any backyard waterfalls or water features.  It is best to have a licensed electrician install outdoor outlets near where your feature will be.  Extension cords should not be used to get power to your feature because they pose many hazards.  Plus the last thing that you want to look is an extension cord running across your lawn.

Most water features are low maintenance, but do require some attention.  The biggest thing to watch out for in your water feature is your water level.  If your water level goes so low that your pump is running dry, you can burn out your pump.  A good way to tell if the water level in your feature is low is to listen for gurgling of water.  If you have an optimal water level, the only thing you should hear is the water splashing through your feature.  If you hear gurgling, your water level is too low and air is being pushed through your feature instead of water.  Another thing that any water feature will face is algae.  If maintained on a regular basis, algae growth is not usually a big deal.  Algae can be removed by power washing the effected area or adding an algaecide to your water source.