Debris Removal

Debris RemovaL

Debris removal is pretty straightforward.  The longer that you leave debris on your lawn or landscape after a storm, the better chance you have of increasing damage to your property.  Storm debris left on grass for an extended period can cause the grass to yellow or die out.  If this happens, your lawn will look patchy after the debris is removed.  Not only will the bare areas become an eyesore, but they will also encourage weed development in your property.

Removing dead or damaged branching from shrubs and trees is extremely important.  The longer that the damaged foliage remains, the higher increase you have of the plant dying.  Anytime there is damage to a plant in your landscape; it is essential to remove the damaged area as soon as possible.  The quicker you remove the damaged area, the sooner the plant can recover.  Having large exposed damage allows invaders a path to access your plant.  Insects can feed on these areas and create more havoc.