Paver Patio

How to properly install a paver patio.

Excavate your site.

How to excavate your site.

Excavate 1

Excavate 2

Install base material.

How to install paver base material.

Install Base 1

Install Base 2

Install pavers.

How to install pavers.

Install Pavers 1

Install Pavers 2

Cut pavers to fit.

How to cut landscape pavers.

Cut Block

Finish laying all pavers.

Install Pavers Complete

Install plastic edging.

How to install edging and polymeric sand.

Install Edging 1

Install Edging 2

Blow all debris off of the patio before you install polymeric sand.

Blow Off Patio

Install polymeric sand by brooming it into the paver joints.

Install Poly Sand

Sweep In Poly Sand

Pack your pavers again with a vibrating packer plate.

Pack Block Again

Install polymeric sand by brooming it into the paver joints again.

Sweep Poly Sand Again

Blow off the left over polymeric sand after all of your joints are filled.

Blow Off Patio Again

How to maintain your paver patio after installation.