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Lawn Dying After

Side By Side Comparison

Lawn Painting Side by Side

Lawn painting is a great way to give your lawn a naturally brilliant green tone without all of the work.  Lawn painting is a property owner’s alternative to drought conditions without the watering bills.  Lawn paint is an organic dye that has been used on golf courses and professional athletic fields for years.  One application of the natural dye usually lasts up to three weeks depending on the environmental conditions.  If you want your home or business to look like it does in the spring all year round, then lawn painting is for you.

If your property has small damaged areas or dog urine spots, then you should consider using this product.  Realtors looking for a quick, inexpensive fix can utilize lawn dye products to their advantage as well.  Lawn paint does a great job of blending dead or patchy grass with live grass.  The dye soaks into the thatch or dead grass crowns.  There must be an organic material for the product to work correctly.  The dye will not cover dirt.  Having used the product before on numerous application, we would highly recommend it.