Outdoor landscape lights are a perfect way to help highlight your property at night.  When installed correctly, outdoor landscape lights can add elegance to your landscape by showcasing focal points in your home.  Outdoor landscape lights can also help tie your landscape in with your entryways.  Landscape lights are also a great way to highlight your walkways.

There are two types of outdoor landscape lights that you can use in your landscape project: low voltage and solar.  Solar lights do not offer the brightness or reliability that low voltage lights do.  You will often find them having a duller look when compared to low voltage lights.  There are a few advantages of using solar lights over low voltage lights.  Firstly, installation of solar lights is easy.  It does not require wiring because the units have self-contained power from batteries.  Secondly, the cost is much lower because of the low-quality lights and lack of installation needed.

Types of outdoor landscape lights for your project.

Kichler offers a wide variety of landscape lighting products.  A few of the lighting products include accent, path and spread, LED hardscape, deck, and patio.  Accent lights are used to cast light on a specific object such as a tree, water feature or lawn decoration.  Accent lights can play an essential role in making your landscape come to life at night.  Path and spread lights are used to help define walkways.  Spread lights help remove darkness from sidewalks by casting light over the entire walking areas surface.  Path lights help establish a perimeter around walking areas.

LED hardscape lights can be integrated into hardscape projects such as retaining walls and sitting areas.  The wiring for these lights is built into the project, and the lighting helps showcase the project at night.  Deck lights can be used on rail posts to light up deck and patio areas.  One of the benefits of using deck and patio lights is that they help make your outdoor spaces viable for use at night.