Mole Control

Moles can cause extensive damage to your lawn by digging tunnels across your property.  It is hard to believe, but just one mole can produce all of the damage in your yard.  Unchecked, your lawn can be destroyed in a matter of a few days.  We recommend several options to eliminate moles in your yard.  The most effective way to rid your lawn of moles is to trap them.  We recommend using a scissor trap.  This trap is easy to install.  All you have to do is place the trap in the run tunnel and step on it until the spring is stretched and locks into place.

Mole trap placement is essential.  If you do not install your trap in the right tunnel, you will not trap the mole.  The best way to find your main tunnel is to flag all of the runs in the lawn.  After marking the tunnels, use a hand tamper or compact the ground with your feet to collapse the tunnels.  Keep a close eye on the tunnels for action.  If you see a mole run pop up again where you have just flagged, you know it is an active tunnel.  Place your trap in this run.  When placing your trap, do not re-compact the entire tunnel.  We recommend compacting about a foot on each side of the trap.  Place a 5-gallon bucket over your trap to make sure that light does not penetrate the tunnel.

Another option to rid your yard of moles is through baiting.  The same process of locating the main tunnel should be applied to baiting as well.  Once you locate the active tunnel, install a poison worm in the tunnel.  We recommend using a product called Talpirid.  The active ingredient in this product is Bromethalin.  Talpirid contains a tray of 20 poison worms.  You only need one worm on each tunnel to efficiently kill the mole.  Unlike trapping where you physically know that you got your mole, baiting results can only be measured by a lack of mole activity.

Mole Control

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