The best snow blower actually depends a lot on personal preference and your expectations.  If you are a low or moderate snow blower user, then a small single stage may be the best snow blower for you.  If you tend to have heavy, wet snow in some frequency, then the best snow blower for your project may be a two stage machine.  Single stage snow blowers work by having a single drum with rubber paddles move snow.  A two stage snow blower has an auger system that grinds the snow and pulls it towards the machine where it is dispensed.  Single stage snow blowers will work well on light, fluffy snow falls.  Most single stage snow blowers can handle about 6″ of snow just fine.  Anything more than that, and you are at the mercy of the machine.  Not all snow blowers are created equal and it is important to understand that when making your purchase.  Home owner or “Wal-Mart” models tend to be lower quality and not designed to be a work horse.  These machines can even have name brands slapped on the side of a unit that is not manufactured by them.  The brand does not always mean quality.  If you are looking for a higher end machine, then you should purchase your snow blower from an authorize dealer.  These dealers will not only sell you a good machine, but they will be able to service it too.  If you buy a low-end machine from a big box store, you will not get the same services as a local dealer.  You may even have a problem with parts availability when it comes to servicing your machine.

Best Snow Blower

The best snow blower for heavy snow.

Two stage snow blowers are designed to tackle heavy snows.  You don’t have to be a machine expert, you can just take a look at the sturdiness of the machine.  The larger snow intake area, heavy-duty tires, larger engine, larger chute and other features make two stage snow blowers optimal for large jobs.  Two stage snow blowers will dispense your snow farther than a single stage machine.  This may help reduce piling at the sides of your drive and sidewalks.  Two stage snow blowers also have the ability to chop through dense snow and ice.