Boulder accents can add interest in your landscape.  If you have bare areas in your landscape that can’t grow plants, consider adding boulder accents.  The good thing about boulder accents is that they are inexpensive.  Unlike plants you don’t have to provide maintenance either.  Since each boulder is unique in its shape and color, you can add boulder accents to make your landscape unique.  You can add groups of boulders to create focal points in your landscape beds.  Strategically arranging boulders in your landscape can create a natural look as well.  Adding annual flowers around the boulders can help them blend into your landscape.  Boulders look best when installed in mulch applications, but look well in river rock settings as well.  Boulder accents can also be used as retaining walls.  Boulder walls add a custom natural look to your project.  With a boulder wall you can set your landscape apart from the formal design of concrete retaining wall stones.  Boulder accents can also be used as edging for your landscape.  Transform your landscape by installing small boulder accents to define your landscape beds.  If you are looking to escape from cement theme, boulder accents are a great choice.

Boulder Accents

Man-made boulder accents.

A great way to hide unwanted utility boxes in your landscape is through the use of man-made boulder accents.  The hollowed out fiberglass boulder forms fit right over your utility and cover it up.  Best of all these boulders look real.  What a great way to get rid of unsightly objects in your landscape, while at the same time adding boulder accents.  These man-made boulder accents weather well and tend to maintain their color throughout a change in seasons.  They also help protect the utility boxes that are in your landscape beds.  One benefit is that they keep snow, ice and rain away from possible interference as well.