A compact tractor is a great tool to have in your landscape arsenal.  This multi-use tool can incorporate its way into many projects with the available attachments.  In the landscape industry, you commonly see compact tractors used for grading work.  The pull behind harley rake and soil pulverizer work well for finish grade projects.  The bucket on the front of the compact tractor can be used for light grading, or to hold debris  and rocks while finish grading.

Depending on the type and size of your compact tractor, you can even purchase lawn maintenance attachments as well.  Pull behind aerators can be used on compact tractors to reduce the amount of labor involved with aerating large properties.  Lawn mowers can also be installed on these units to finish cut or rough cut lawns.

One of the best upgrades you can make to your compact tractor is a quick attach.  The quick attach allows you to back up to your attachment and quickly secure it to your tractor without leaving your seat.  Without the quick attach, you will have to manually secure your attachments to your utility tractor.  Having a quick attach will definitely improve your production if you are switching between different attachments during a project.

Some examples of compact tractors.

John Deere-  John Deere produces 40 types of compact tractors for the home owner and commercial business.  You can check out the link here for a full list of all of their products.

Kubota- Kubota offers a nice selection of compact tractors in many different sizes and various horse power options.  Check out their website for a list of their units.

Mahindra- Mahindra’s website offers compact utility tractors as well as attachments for the machines.  Take a look here.

Massey-Ferguson-  Massey-Ferguson offers sub compact utility tractors all the way up to full size tractors.  If you are looking for a specialty tractor, check out their website.