The best way to control and eliminate moles in your lawn is to trap them.  Moles do not know the boundary lines of your property.  Your neighbor is not doing anything to attract moles, nor are they sending them your way.  Moles are naturally found in wooded areas but left uncontrolled can easily spread to neighboring properties.  Early detection and control is important to reduce the reproduction and spread of these animals.

Below is a list of helpful tips that will set you control and eliminate moles in your lawn.  If I could recommend one piece of advice to all novices mole catchers, it would be to trap your moles.  Anything that a product setting on the shelf of your local hardware store promises, will not work.  Save yourself hours of wasted time by trial and error and just trap your moles from the get go.  Any lawn care company promising to eliminate moles in your lawn by applying a grub control product is uninformed or misleading you.

Mole Body

Control and eliminate moles.

  • We recommend using scissor traps, which are specifically designed for mole trapping.  We have used other traps in the past; although they do work, the best first time kill traps are scissor traps.
  • Locate the main mole tunnel used for travel before setting your trap.  This can be accomplished many ways, but we have found that the best way to do this is by stepping down all existing tunnels.  First mark all of the mole tunnels in your lawn using spray paint or marking flags.  Let your lawn set for a day and check your markers the next day.  If you see a tunnel reappear where you marked it the day before, chances are that this is the main tunnel of travel.  Most other tunnels in your lawn branch off of this tunnel.  Setting traps in low traveled tunnels will not have successful trapping results.
  • From our experience we have found that the best way to control and eliminate moles is to set traps in main tunnels by the base of trees, foundations or other more permanent objects.

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