You can cut landscape block several ways depending on the application.  There are several commonly used tools available for cutting landscape block.  If you are installing concrete pavers, chances are you will need to cut several of your block.  The more complicated the pattern, the more cuts that you will probably have to make.  If you need a smooth edge on the cut end of your block, you will want to use a concrete saw or wet saw.  Concrete saw’s use a diamond tip blade to cut through the cement block.  Wet saws work the same way, only they have a water line to reduce dust.  Most concrete saws have a water hook up if you choose to turn them into a water saw.

If you want to cut landscape block and give it a rough edge, you should use a chisel and hammer.  If you are installing rough faced landscape block, most likely you will have to shorten a block.  If you are cutting a block where the cut will show, you do not want a smooth cut.  To properly install the block product, you will want to match the texture on the face of the block.

Cut Landscape Block

How to cut landscape block with a chisel.

Retaining wall block can be cut with a chisel.  This can be accomplished by scoring the block all the way around with a chisel.  Use the corner of your chisel to draw a straight line around the perimeter of the block.  Once you have drawn a straight line around your block, now you can start to chisel.  Hold your chisel at a 90 degree angle with the block.  Start on one edge of the block and hammer the chisel into the block.  Only hit the chisel against the block one time.  Once you hit the block with your chisel, move your chisel a few inches and continue the process around the entire perimeter of the block.  It may take several trips around the block to cut your landscape block with the chisel.  If you hit the block too hard, your break line will not be square.  If you do not hit the block hard enough it will take a while for it to break.  Just find a happy medium.

How to install pavers.