Cutting tall weeds can be a challenge if you do not have the right tools.  In the lawn and landscape business, we get these kind of requests all of the time.  Anything from vacant lots to over grown ditches may require specialized tools to tackle such a project.  Cutting tall weeds can be accomplished through the use of brush cutter mowers and brush cutter trimmers.  Some weeds can grow as tall as a human and it may not be feasible to just drive a brush cutter mower through the weeds.  One of the biggest reasons for this is safety issues.  If the overgrown area is too tall, you may not see any holes or wash out areas.  It just takes one hole to ruin your equipment or cause an accident.  We have found that the best approach to cutting down tall weeds it to attack the problem manually.  Stihl makes metal brush cutter attachments that can fit on the end of string trimmers.  The metal attachments are capable of cutting through thick grassy weeds or brush that it up to a couple of inches thick.  There are also walk-behind brush cutter mowers that work well also.  Having a walk behind mower instead of a riding mower allows the operator to see obstructions easier.  This will reduce the chances for an accident with heavy equipment.

Cutting Tall Weeds

Cutting tall weeds with a mower.

If you cutting tall weeds with a side discharge mower, the best way to tackle the cut is by making your first cut with the side discharge chute away from the weeds.  If you do this, your mower deck will not get bogged down as easy because there is some where for the discharged weeds to go.  Depending on how tall the weeds are, you might only be able to cut with one half of a deck length with each pass.  Once you reach the end of your straight cut, turn around and mow the same exact path back to where you started.  This will cut the remaining straggler weeds that you missed on your first go round.  Once you reach the end, turn around and take another section of weeds to cut down.  Follow this strategy until your area is complete.  Too many people mow in a circle or mow with their chute facing the weed field.  This will put extra stress on the mower and make it harder for your to see what you are doing.  Follow these tips and they should help you tackle any over grown weeds that you may have.