Erosion mat is a cost-effective solution for ensuring maximum results after a seeding project.  Two of the most common reasons why seeding jobs fail are: the seed washes away and the seed looses moisture.  Even if you slit seed or drill seed your project, heavy rains can still cause erosion.  Erosion mat or erosion blankets are a great way to help hold your seed and soil in place.  Erosion mats will allow moisture to pass through, down to the seed and soil.  These mats help stabilize the ground by keeping the soil from moving during heavy rain storms.  Erosion mats will also help store moisture for your seed.  Direct exposure to sunlight and other elements will speed up the process of evaporation.  Erosion mats provide a protective layer over the seed and soil, ensuring that moisture stays in contact longer.  You generally can find two types of erosion matting: straw and fiber.  Straw erosion mat has webs of netting sewn together with straw.  The reason why straw erosion mat is better than just straw itself is because it is engineered to stay in place and not blow away.  Straw erosion mat is attached to the soil through the use of landscape staples.  Fiber erosion mat works the same way as straw erosion mat.  There is not a whole lot of difference between the two products.

Erosion Mat

Erosion mat installation is easy.

Once your project has been graded and seeded it is now time to install erosion mat.  Engineered erosion mat comes in rolls.  Most commonly rolls will be 8′ or 16′ in length.  The size of your project should determine what size of matting best fits your needs.  Start by rolling the mat out at the bottom of your project.  You will first want to staple the starting end of your product in place before you begin unrolling your matting.  If you unroll your product first, it can be blown by the wind and it will be harder to install.  Generally you will stake your erosion mat every 10 feet long and every 4 feet tall.  If your mat is not secure, it may be necessary to use more stakes.  Continue this process until you reach the end of your project.  When you start your next row, overlap your erosion mat about 6″ over the last roll.  This will give your product a roof like effect.  If you have gaps between your rolls, erosion can occur.  Continue this process until the project is done.