Fall leaf clean-up time is right around the corner.  Traveling through the Marion area today, I saw quite a few trees that were just starting to show signs of color.  By the end of the month we should start seeing some great color shows from our trees.  Fall leaf clean-up is an important part in keeping your property safe and looking its best.  Leaves should be removed on a regular basis during the fall so that they do not accumulate.  If you leave leaves on your lawn for an extended period of time, they may suffocate your lawn.  Leaves may also work against the health of your plants if you allow them to sit and compact on them.

Fall Leaf Clean-up

Fall leaf clean-up tips.

  • Fall leaf clean-up is a great time to clean your gutters out at the end of the leaf season before winter.  Clogged gutters can help create ice dams in the winter.  These dams may cause severe damage to your property if left un-addressed.  Leaves that are stuck in your gutters in the fall and spring may cause your gutters to over flow.  If the water over flows your gutters, the water will end up being placed near the foundation of your house.  consistent exposure to water may cause your foundation to settle or crack.
  • Leaves should be removed on a regular basis to minimize trip hazards.  Holes, small fences or other objects may be covered up by an abundance of leaves.  If you cannot see the hazard, you may trip over it.
  • Plants may be suffocated by excessive leaf build-up.  If your leaves are left in your landscape beds for an extended period of time, the packed leaves may kill out your plants.
  • Snow removal on drive ways or sidewalks is a lot harder in the winter when you are shoveling leaves.  Make sure to remove all of the leaves from areas that you are planning on shoveling this winter.  Even in a clean yard, leaves still manage to work themselves in corners or low areas.