Fall leaf clean up time is here.  If you have a large tree on your property, you know all too well how big of a leaf mess it can make.  Depending on the type of tree and where you live, all of your leaves may already be off of your tree.  If you have maple, locus or ash trees, you may have already seen the leaves already fall.  If you have an oak tree, you probably have most of the leaves still on the tree.  Most oak trees lose their leaves later in the fall season or over winter time. Once your trees have dropped their leaves, it is time to get to get started with your fall leaf clean up.  Below are a few fall leaf clean up tips that my help in your efforts.  If you enjoy the exercise then stick to the lawn rake.  If you are like most of us, you just want to get your lawn back in shape as soon as possible.  Power equipment such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers can cut down on your clean-up time significantly.  Making sure that you tackle the project the most efficient way possible will also help your efforts.

Fall Leaf Clean Up

Fall leaf clean up tips.

  • First and foremost the wind is your friend not your enemy.  Before you start your fall leaf clean up project, see which way the wind is blowing before you start.  Start cleaning up the leaves on the side of the house that the wind is blowing.  If the wind is blowing from the west to the east, start cleaning up leaves on the west side of your house.
  • Once you have determined the direction of the wind, make sure to blow your leaves with the wind.  If you blow your leaves against the wind, it will take you a very long time to clean up your lawn.
  • If you plan on mowing and bagging your lawn, make sure to blow out all of your landscape beds first.  You should blow leaves away from the base of trees or other objects in your lawn as well.  Blow leaves away from everything in your lawn that you can not reach with your mower.