Fall mums are great plants to use to bring life back into your landscape after cooler temperatures hit.  Once the first frost hits annual flowers will begin their descent into becoming obsolete for the year.  Hardy fall mums can add color to landscape areas where color has faded.  If you are looking for abundant flower blooms then consider adding fall mums to your landscape.  If you are looking for temporary housing for these types of plants, consider planting them in planters or containers.  This will allow you to move the plants around in your landscape project and rotate colors in and out of area.  Fall mums are great for last-minute color when you don’t have many other options available for this time of year.  Fall mums are also versatile so you can incorporate them into your existing pots.  If some of your annual flowers are looking tired and others still have good color, remove the bad-looking flowers and replace them with fall mums.  Mums are usually reasonably priced, so you don’t have to worry about having them carry over to the next year as a perennial.  If you want to retain your plant from fall to spring, make sure to plant your fall mums earlier in the season.  This will give the plant time to root in and establish itself before winter.

Fall Mums

Fall mums come in many colors.

If you haven’t been to your local nursery in a while, you may be surprised how many colors of fall mums there are.  You have your basic colors of white, yellow, red and orange.  Then each solid color petals can have different colored centers.  There are also many shade variations of red and orange.  Everything from dark colors to lighter shades and everything in between.  Not only do the flower colors vary from plant to plant, but so do the flower clusters.  There are three main types of fall mum flowers:  decorative, pompom and single.  The between the colored petals, flower centers and flower types, you can come up with quite a few different fall mum combinations.