We just started applying our grub control products to lawns in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Waterloo this week.  If you have had problems with turf damaging grubs in the past, it is extremely important to consider the use of grub control products in your lawn.  Grub control products generally cost more than your standard weed and feed application, but they are one of the most critical applications that you can make.  If you have seen damage to your lawn in the past, you are probably well aware of how extensive the damage may be.  You might experience damage in a small area all the way up to an entire lawn.  For what the grub control products cost, they are well worth the investment and piece of mind knowing that you are covered.

Use grub control products to stop damage before it starts.

The early signs of grub damage may be browning of a lawn, critter activity or turf grass peeling back in sections.  If your lawn is irrigated, you may have green grass and still have grub damage.  In most irrigated lawns you will notice that the turf grass will peel back like a rug.  If your grass is getting plenty of water, it may be able to keep up with the grubs for a while.  Since grubs feed on the roots of your turf grass, it is still important to treat your lawn even if it has irrigation and looks fine to the eye.  The healthiest lawns have deep roots, while lawns with shallow roots are more susceptible to pest damage.  Even though preventer products are the most important, we do offer post emergent treatments as well.  If you choose not to protect your lawn with grub control products and end up having grubs, it is important that you catch the damage right away.  Catching the damage at its onset will minimize the costs that you will incur re-seeding or re-sodding damaged areas.