Hole auger’s are a great tool to have in your landscape arsenal.  If you do a lot of planting, it may be worth investing in a hole auger.  Hole auger’s allow the operator to dig through rocky or compacted soil.  Rocky and compacted soil is difficult to dig with a shovel because sometimes you are not able to get the leverage that you need to dig.  Since most hole auger’s have a bit that rotates in a clock wise direction, getting leverage is not a problem.  Most auger’s have a cutting edge on the end of the bit which will slice and grab even the hardest soils.  Depending on your project, gas-powered hand units are available as well as attachments for skid loaders.  Perennial and shrub planting is best done with a hand unit, as to not disturb surrounding ground areas.  Most gas-powered units come with an 8″ wide bit that is 3-4 feet long.  These units also work well if you are installing fence posts.  Skid loader attachments come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8″ to 36″ and over.  If you are planting trees, these large auger bits will save you a lot of headaches.  The bits are so powerful that they can rip rocks, tree roots and old concrete right out of the ground.  If you were hand digging these same holes, you would be at it a while.

Hole Auger

Hole auger hand units.

Stihl BT 121 Earth Auger–  This unit is one of the best units available for one man operation.  This compact unit works great for installing perennials and shrubs.  This auger also works well when digging fence posts.  The side bar protects the operator for hurting their wrists if the auger gets caught underground.  This auger has enough power to rip through tree roots and rock.  If you are working in heavy dry clay, the unit does not work as well.

Hole auger skid loader units.

Quick Attach Attachments, Inc.-  These units are strong and reliable.  These augers are able to tear through any obstacle underground.  The attachment for a skid loader makes for light work when digging holes.