Home landscape installations can add interest and character to your property if done correctly.  This is even more important if you are trying to sell your house.  The exterior of your property can make or break the sale.  Instead of boring you with statistics about how much a good landscape adds to the value of your property, I will tell you what a bad landscape does if you are selling your house.  You only get one chance for a first impression, so don’t blow it before the potential buyer enters your home.  Regardless of how good your interior is, the exterior is still the first visual that the potential buyer will have.  Above new carpet and fresh paint, a well manicured lawn and landscape will invite the potential buyer into your home.  If you have an un-kept and overgrown landscape, what message is that sending to the potential buyer about your home landscape?  You might be on a budget or not have the funds to go all out, but maintaining what you currently have is very economical.

Home Landscape

Ideas to make your home landscape more inviting.

  • Mow your yard on a weekly basis to keep the grass looking neatly kept and evenly cut.
  • Edge the hard surfaces of your property.  This will give the perimeter of your lawn a sharp-looking edge.
  • Apply fertilizer and weed control to your lawn.  Fertilizer will green up your lawn and weed control will keep your weeds in check.
  • Weed all cracks in the hard surface areas as well as all landscape beds.  Just pulling weeds in your landscape beds will show that you maintain your landscape.
  • Cut all suckers away from the base of trees.  Cut away any low-lying branches to open up the view of your property, walk ways, house numbers, windows, ect.
  • Prune all shrubs on your property.  Just taking the time to shape up your shrubs and give them a maintained look will improve your home landscape.
  • Topdress mulch beds or add river rock to rock beds.  This will make your beds look fresh and clean.