Ice dams can occur when temperatures are above freezing for several days.  It is important make sure that you have areas which will allow melting snow to drain.  During the winter most ground with snow cover is still frozen even when day time temperatures are above freezing.  When melting during the day occurs, you may find yourself with ponding water on your property.   Since the ground is still frozen, the water may have nowhere to go.  Piling of snow may have created a barricade that will not allow the water to flow away from your property.  Even if you have proper drainage during the summer, you may have a completely different water flow outcome during the winter.  Drifting can also cause water to pond.  If your down spouts are blocked by snow and ice, they can cause ice dams and water flow issues.

Ice Dams

It is important to remove ice dams from your property.

If you notice water ponding during the day, it is important to take care of the situation before the water turns to ice.  It may be necessary to shovel a small path through a snow pile or drift to allow water to flow out.  If a drain or water outlet is blocked by snow or ice, the water will have nowhere to go.  If left unmanaged, the water will freeze and turn to ice creating a hazard.  If the ice is thick enough, salt may not be able to penetrate it.  Water may also back flow to the foundation of a property and cause property damage.  If you are unable to redirect the water, it may be necessary to physically remove the standing water.  By using a shovel or bucket, you may be able to get enough water removed from the area so it does not become a problem in the future.

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