Landscape designs can incorporate many different ideas, depending on your end goal.  Before you start any landscape project, it is important to get your ideas down on paper.  If you are designing a landscape for your home. it will be beneficial to you to come up with some landscape designs prior to the commencement of your project.  The best way to start a landscape design is to roughly draw out your existing yard.  This includes marking any existing materials that you intend to keep.  Be sure to roughly draw your house to scale, identify any existing plant material or trees and sketch the outlines of your desired landscape beds.  Doing this will give you a blank slate for your landscape design.  If you spend the time to do a well detailed drawing, make sure that you make photo copies of the drawing prior to sketching your new design.  This way you can come up with different designs and pick which one you like best.  Before starting your new design, make sure you include the length and width of each landscape bed in your drawing.  This will give you an idea of what plant material is suitable for the growing conditions.

Landscape Design

Landscape design ideas.

If you are designing a new landscape or replacing an old, one of the most important things to consider is proper drainage.  Now is the perfect time to grade around your foundation if needed.  Make sure that there is drop from your foundation into the yard.  Install underground drain tiles from your down spouts out to catch boxes.  Re-directing the water flow away from your house will increase the life of your landscape.

When choosing plant material for your landscape design, pick plants that will compliment or contrast each other.  Complementing landscapes can include plants that bloom at the same time of year.  Contrasting landscapes can include a mix of deciduous and evergreen shrubs.