Landscape gardens are more than a landscape bed, they are a full horticultural experience.  Landscape gardens can be designed to incorporate water features, out-door living spaces and spacious flower gardens.  The goal of a landscape garden is to beautify your out-door spaces by covering up the blah and incorporating the amazing.  All too often home owners neglect their lawn and landscape beds.  Whether it be allowing plants and weeds to take over or leaving their landscape completely bare.  A landscape garden that is well maintained can drastically improve not only the eye appeal of the property, but create an inviting space to enjoy.

Landscape Garden

How to create a landscape garden.

Landscape gardens are more than just foundation plantings.  They incorporate the entire out-door experience into one master design.  Depending on how the property is set up, a landscape garden can contain retaining walls, patios, walkways and raised garden areas.  A lot of landscape garden designs also incorporate short hedges to outline landscape beds or define walk ways.

The first thing that should be considered when building a landscape garden is the lay-out.  How do you want your garden to flow?  Do you want any water features or grade changes in your landscape garden?  All of these things must be considered prior to laying out your design.  Once you have determined the lay-out of your landscape garden, now you can start choosing the theme of your project.  Most landscape gardens contain densely stacked plant material, meaning that the plants chosen completely fill up their growing area.  The only open areas are usually walkways and small patches of grass between the features.  Adding a balance of evergreens, shrubs and flowering perennials always makes for a good combination.  Choose plants that complement each other and have smooth contrasts.  Annual flowers can also be used to add abundant flower interest to the garden as well.