Landscape supplies can be purchased from a variety of sources.  Plant material including annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees can be purchased at local nurseries or through independent contractors.  Big box stores also carry many seasonal plants.  The quality of plant material will vary depending on the care it receives every step of the way till it finally reaches the end consumer.  Most local nurseries buy directly from the grower and meticulously care for the plant material once it in their control.  Some of the major plant distributors are Monrovia and Bailey Nursery.  Some big box stores purchase their plant material through a third party supplier.   Which means more than likely shrubs and trees come from a major plant distributor and are purchased by a third party nursery.  The nursery bought bare root plant material or replanted the material and sold it again to the end marketer, the large box store.

Landscape Supplies

Landscape supplies such as retaining wall block can be purchased through direct producers or through third parties.  Local masonry or cement companies usually offer a wide variety of cement block for hardscape installation.  Big box stores also carry retaining wall landscape supplies.  We have found from experience that the products purchased from big box stores are not as high of quality material as specialty companies.  The blocks tend to weather quicker, become more brittle and fade quicker.  Since big box stores rotate their landscape supplies on a regular basis, they may discontinue an item.  This will leave you will problem if you go to expand your project down the road or need to replace damaged material.  Most specialty companies will carry the same products in the same quality for many years.


Landscape supplies can be purchased from companies such as Amazon

Amazon offers many landscape supplies that can be used for your next project.  Check out the link below for some ideas.