Lawn painting is one of the newest trending services for the lawn and landscape industry.  Drought stricken lawns now have a chance to green again.  Lawn painting allows a lawn to go from dead brown to bright green in just a matter of minutes.

Lawn Painting

The benefits of lawn painting include:

  • No need to water your lawn or pay the high water bills associated with watering.  No need to install an expensive irrigation system or waste the time moving a garden hose.
  • Gives your lawn instant natural color.  Once the lawn paint dries in about two to three hours, you can walk on your lawn like normal.
  • Your lawn will look like it does in the spring for several months after the application.
  • No need to mow your lawn, saving you time and money.
  • Organic based lawn dyes are environmentally safe and are also safe for your children and pets to be around.
  •  Increase the eye appeal of your for sale property.  Give your property instant curb appeal to attract buyers to your property.
  •  Increase the eye appeal of your property for customers.
  •  Cover up dog spots in a matter of minutes.

The lawn painting process is simple.  First mow your property and clean up all of the debris present on your lawn.  Pick up any sticks, leaves or trash on your grass areas.  Next apply lawn paint with the proper spray equipment depending on the job.  Back pack sprayers work great for smaller areas, while large truck mounted spray tanks work well for larger areas.  Make sure to shield any surfaces that you do not want over spray on, as the material will stain.  Don’t spray the lawn paint if there is rain in the forecast because the product may run or not adhere to the grass blades correctly.  Once completed, sit back and enjoy a low maintenance alternative to drought conditions.  Get the green lawn that you always wanted without all of the work.