A leaf vacuum truck can save your company quite a bit of money.  One of the biggest expenses that a lawn and landscape company faces is the cost of labor.  Increasing your productivity increase your bottom line.  With leaf season right around the corner, it is important to start looking into purchasing a leaf vacuum truck for your operation.  In the fall it is good to have a dedicated truck that just vacuum’s leaves all day.  Your landscape crews can make large piles of leaves around curbs or in parking lots for your leaf vacuum truck to pick up.  Having only one employee to keep track of driving around will make your life a whole lot easier.  Depending on the size of your leaf vacuum and the size of your truck or trailer, it usually possible to vacuum and drop 1-2 loads per hour.  Obviously drive time plays an important role in how far you have to go to drop leaves.  Generally speaking one leaf vacuum truck should be able to mulch and dump at least 1-2 loads an hour if your location is near by.

Leaf Vacuum Truck

How a leaf vacuum truck works.

Most leaf vacuum set ups either mount directly on the truck bed or they pull behind a trailer.  What ever the set up, you should make sure that your displacement are is enclosed.  If you don’t have your displacement area closed leave particles will blow all over the place.  It is also important to have an exit hole in your displacement area.  This will allow the air to push out the end opposite your vacuum intake.  If you don’t have an exit hole opposite the vacuum, you may have leaves shooting back towards the intake hole.  During operation, make sure to remove all large pieces of debris and sticks.  Leaf vacuums are designed to shred leaves, not tree branches.  Start by placing your suction hose near the edge of the pile of leaves.  Move it back and forth sucking up the pile of leaves.  If you run in to wet or clumped leaves, it may be necessary to break the clumps up or hand remove them. Keep following the process until the pile of leaves is gone.