Living Christmas trees are gaining popularity because of their ability to be planted in the spring instead of being discarded after the Christmas season.  Living Christmas trees are potted trees that have not been cut down.  The root ball of the tree is still fully in tact and the tree is still continuing to grow.  Living Christmas trees are being promoted by the green movement and other tree loving groups as an alternative to cutting down a tree.  There are several benefits to using a living Christmas tree.  Firstly, the tree can be planted after its use.  This not only allows you to have a festive tree during the holiday season, but it allows you to enjoy it all year-long.  Secondly, living trees will hold their shape and needles much better than a cut tree.  Once a tree has been cut, the process of drying out will begin.  Even with regular watering, the tree will eventually succumb to drying.  Living Christmas trees will still be connected to their roots which means that the tree is still able to absorb moisture.  Moisture will keep the branches stiff and flexible while at the same time keeping the needles attached to the tree branch.

Living Christmas Tree

Some great examples of living Christmas trees.

Depending on your hardiness zone, there are a large number of pines and spruces that can work well as a living Christmas tree.  When you choose a living Christmas tree, make sure that it is something that you want to plant in your yard.  Understanding the trees growing habits will help you make an informed decision about what tree to choose.  In zone 5 for example Norway or Black Hills spruce trees work well.  Both trees have uniform pyramidal growing habits and both have shorter needles.  It is really personal preference whether to go with long needles or short needles.  Short needles on the Norway and Black Hills spruce are easier clean up.  They also help hold ornaments well.  What ever tree you choose, consider using a living Christmas tree to not only decorate the inside of your home, but the outside as well.