Maintaining paver patios after installation is the best way to keep them looking their best.  Having any extensive landscaping done to your property is an investment.  Maintaining paver patios after the installation is important to help ensure their beauty and structure for years to come.  After you have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars on a project, the last thing that you want your project to do is deteriorate.  There are many things that you can do to be proactive in maintaining paver patios.  Patios do require annual maintenance to ensure their stability and longevity.  Properly maintaining paver patios will save you lots of time and money in the long run.  There are several things that you can do to keep your patio looking great.

Maintaining Paver Patios.

  • Do not drive any heavy equipment over your patio area.  If your patio was installed for entertaining purposes, chances are that it was not designed to withstand heavy equipment use.  Vehicles and lawn equipment should not be driven over any patio areas.
  • Do not apply rock salt products to the patios surface.  Salting your patio in the winter time can deteriorate the pavers surface and make the concrete blocks crumble.  If you absolutely have to de-ice your patio use a less corrosive product that does not contain rock salt.
  • If your patio needs cleaning, it is ok to power wash it.  If you remove joint sand during a cleaning, make sure to replace it as soon as possible.
  • If your patio joints settle and require more joint sand, make sure to sweep the joint sand into the areas immediately.  When we install patios we make every effort to broom the sand into every joint and pack it in.  No matter how much effort you make, naturally you will have some settling after installation.  If you leave these areas exposed, water can seep under the blocks and wash base material away.
  • Concrete sealants can be used to help protect the deterioration of the concrete.  We never recommend the use of these products because they create a slick surface when the pavers are wet.  Some home owners find the need to use these products.  If you are using these products, make sure to only use a sealer specifically designed to be installed on paver patios.