Parking lot sweeping is a great way to keep your property clean.  If you are a commercial business owner or manager, you know that the first thing that your guests see when they pull up to your business is your parking lot.  Parking areas are one of the most neglected areas found on commercial businesses.  Most business owners or managers do not see the benefit in regular preventative maintenance on their parking lots.  The bar is usually set pretty low when it comes to keeping parking lots in shape.  Several of the parking lot services that we offer are listed below.

Parking Lot Services include:

Parking Lot Sweeping-  Sweeping your property on a regular basis can eliminate trip hazards for your quests.  Trash, tree limbs and other objects may find themselves in your parking lot on a regular basis.  Removing these objects can improve the safety and eye appeal of your property.  Parking lot sweeping is designed to pick up all of the small debris that cannot be picked up by hand.  Nails, glass and other objects can be easily overlooked when you are policing your parking areas.  Parking lot sweeping removes debris from your entire parking lot area.  We use sweeper attachments mounted on skid loaders when sweeping large or rough areas and smaller mobile sweeping units for your average sized parking lot.  Our parking lot sweeping service is popular in the spring because we are able to remove sand and other debris that has accumulated on your property over the winter months.  We also offer monthly sweeping services to keep your property looking its best.

Parking Lot Weed Removal-  We offer weed control services to keep weeds out of your parking areas.  Keeping your parking lot free of weeds increases the eye appeal of your property.

Line Striping and Painting-  Line striping and painting should be done every couple of years to ensure that all parking lot areas are clearly marked.  Curb painting or safety markings should be done on a regular basis to notify your guests of trip hazards; which will help cut down on your liability.