Caesars Brother Siberian Iris

Caesars Brother Siberian Iris is a fantastic perennial plant to install in mass plantings.  This iris is more compact than many other varieties of iris.  This variety tends to grow lower to the ground and keep its blooms there as well.  A lot of the other types of iris will bloom on long stocks which tend to fall over because of their length.  The large dark purple to blue flowers will definitely make your landscape stand out in the spring.  The flowers of this perennial are about the size of a baseball.  Since it is a spring bloomer, the flowering will be done before summer begins.  What you are left with is longleaf shoots from the ground.  The leaf shoots resemble ornamental grass.

Installing spring bloomers to your landscape will help add color when your other plants are still budding out and emerging for the season.  Caesars Brother Siberian Iris will spread throughout your landscape over the years.  The bulbs of this plant can be dug up and separated annually if desired.  If you are looking for a hardy spring perennial, then consider adding Caesars Brother Siberian Iris to your landscape.

Caesars Brother Siberian Iris

Iris Sibirica ‘Caesar’s Brother’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Dark purple almost blue

Foliage Color- Green

Zone- 3-9

Height- 3′-4′

Spread- 15″-24″

Light- Sun/Shade

Details- Early spring blooming perennial flower.

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