Fanfare Blanket Flower

Fanfare Blanket Flower Gaillardia is a bright-colored perennial that showcases red, orange and yellow flowers.  The outer section of the flower is yellow followed by a color spectrum to a red center.  The petals of this plant extend out from a fiery orange cone in the center.  The flowers are shaped in the form of a trumpet which extends out from the center of the flower.  The large-flat surface of this plants flowers encourage butterflies to land on it.  If you are building a butterfly garden, consider using this plant in your project.  Fanfare Blanket Flower grows in clumps and should be divided every couple of years to increase the health of the plant.

Fanfare Blanket Flower reproduces by seed, so keep that in mind when installing this in your landscape.  If you are looking for a plant to fill in areas in your landscape, then Fanfare Blanket Flower will work well.  If you want to train it to stay in its growing area, then remove old blooms to keep the plant looking its best.  Removing old flowers will also encourage new blooms. This perennial plant will continually bloom all summer long.  The growing season for this plant will stop in the fall when the first frost hits.  New growth will arise in the spring and form a new plant.

Fanfare Blanket Flower Gaillardia

Gaillardia X ‘Fanfare’ P.P. #15892

Plant Details

Flower Color- Orange, red and yellow

Folage Color-  Green

Zone- 3-10

Height- 12″

Spread- 12″- 15″

Light- Sun

Details- Pink and yellow petals with a red center.

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