Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan

Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan is a great plant that can attract birds and butterflies to your property.  If you are looking for a late summer bloomer with vibrant colors, then Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan would be a great addition to your landscape.  This perennial plant exhibits bright yellow flowers with dark cones in the center of the plant.  The petals of the flower are long and narrow and branch out from the black cone in the center of the plant.  The foliage of this plant is leafy and green which contrasts the flowers nicely.  The flowers are set upon a tall stem that towers above the plant.  The flowers of the Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan are great for cutting.  Decorate the inside of your house as well as the outside of your home with Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan flowers.

There are several other types of Black Eyed Susan flowers such as Blushing Susie, Chim Chiminee and Denver Daisy.  The most commonly recognized flower is Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan.  This flower is an excellent full sun perennial that grows well in Zone 5.  If you are looking for a native North American flower that has tremendous eye appeal, then you should consider Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan for your landscape.  There are other Black-Eyed Susan varieties to choose from, so consider looking into them as well.  This plant can be divided every several years to promote new growth and reduce the large cluster size of the plant.

Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan

Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia Fulgida Var. Sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Yellow

Folage Color- Green

Zone- 3-9

Height- 24″-30″

Spread- 24″-30″

Light- Sun

Details- Blooms mid summer.  Bright yellow flowers with a black center.

Other Black Eyed Susan plant options.

  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Blushing Susie Black Eyed Susan Vine
  • Chim Chiminee Black Eyed Susan
  • Denver Daisy Black Eyed Susan
  • Indian Summer Black Eyed Susan
  • Irish Eyes Black Eyed Susan
  • Prarie Sun Black Eyed Susan