Karl Foerster Grass

Karl Foerster Grass is clump forming and works well in mass plantings.  The blades of this ornamental grass are about the size of a pencil in width. A mature Karl Forester grass plant will reach approximately 4 feet tall from the bottom of the plant to the top of the flower. Flowers of the Karl Forester Grass consist of a feather-like look. During the summer, the grass is green with golden feather-flowers on top of the reeds. In the winter, the green foliage turns sandy brown in the fall.

This perennial grass can be cut down in the fall or spring to promote new growth.  Many people choose to leave the grass throughout the winter to encourage seasonal interest. Karl Forester grass can be divided every few years to promote new growth. Overall, this grass does well at maintaining its form. It does not have creeping habits. The mature plant will have a base as round as a basketball.  Karl Forester grass is planted for its hardiness prairie-like look. If you are interested in adding an ornamental grass to your landscape, definitely take a look at Karl Forester.

Karl Foerster Grass

Karl Foerster Grass

Calamagrostis X Acutiflora ‘Karl Forester’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Brown

Folage Color- Green

Zone- 4-9

Height- 4′-5′

Spread- 2′-3′

Light- Sun

Details- Upright grass and clump forming.

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