May Night Salvia

May Night Salvia is a gorgeous continuous summer bloomer. Salvia is a member of the sage family. The foliage of this perennial has a distinct scent. In the spring, the new foliage grows from the ground. As the foliage increases, staffs grow out of the plant. Once the plant matures, small violet flowers cover long flower clusters growing on the staffs.  This plant is low maintenance and does well in a variety of planting applications.

The flowers of May Night Salvia bloom from late spring through fall. Removing dead flowers encourages new growth in the plant. This plant does an excellent job of maintaining its shape. Plants can be separated every few years to promote new plant growth. Older plants tend to have thinner flower grouping.

May Night Salvia can be used in butterfly gardens to help attract butterflies. This perennial can be installed as a stand-alone plant or in groups. The beautiful flower clusters add eye-appeal and character to any landscape. We highly recommend choosing a sage variety to add to your project.

May Night Salvia

May Night Salvia

Salvia ‘May Night’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Dark Purple

Foliage Color- Green

Zone- 4-8

Height- 12″-24″

Spread- 15″-24″

Light- Sun

Details- This perennial has dark purple flower stacks that will bloom all summer long.

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