Red Fox Speedwell

Red Fox Speedwell is a perennial plant that showcases bright pink flower spikes all summer long. The overall structure of the plant is similar in appearance to Salvia. The base of the plant has leafy foliage, and the flower clusters protrude above. The leaves of this plant are medium green and complement the flowers well.  Stalks grow straight up and are decorated with bright pink flowers. The shape of the flower stocks is similar to that of a cattail. The flower stocks are sturdy and hold their shape well.

Flower stalks of this plant are large, so you may notice significant bee and butterfly activity.  The compact form of the plant contains its growing size to around a foot tall and a foot wide.

Red Fox Speedwell does well in a variety of soils and weather conditions. Adequate water is needed during times of extreme heat and drought. This perennial is a sun-loving plant and does not do well in shaded areas. The more sun that this plant receives, the brighter and more abundant the flowers are.  In the fall the plant can be cut to the ground to encourage new spring growth.

Red Fox Speedwell is an underutilized plant. If you are looking for a perennial bloomer that provides brilliant color, then consider installing Red Fox Speedwell in your project.

Red Fox Speedwell

Red Fox Speedwell

Veronica Spicata ‘Red Fox’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Pink

Foliage Color- Light Green

Zone- 3-8

Height- 15″

Spread- 12″-18″

Light- Sun

Details- This plant produces dark pink flower stocks all summer long.

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