Russian Sage

Russian Sage is a showy, flowering perennial plant that works great in most landscape projects. Since this plant is part of the sage family, the foliage is fragrant. In the spring mint-green colored leaves emerge from the ground. As the stalks grow up, they become stronger and more abundant. During the summer the stalks are adorned with lavender colored flowers. The flowers are small in size and plentiful.  Sages can be installed as a stand-alone plant or in groups.

Russian sage is an excellent perennial to use to give your landscape a shrub-like appearance. Once the growing season is over, you can trim the Russian sage down to the ground. Doing this will promote new spring growth and a fresh plant for the following year. Russian sage grows up to five feet tall and wide. If you like the look of this sage but do not want a plant this size, consider using Little Spire Sage. Little Spire Sage provides all of the same quality characteristics at half of the size.

Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Perovskia Atriplicifolia

Plant Details

Flower Color- Lavender

Foliage Color- Silver-Green

Zone- 4-9

Height- 3′-5′

Spread- 3′-5′

Light- Sun

Details- This perennial has small lavender flowers that bloom all summer long.  The leaves of this plant are very fragrant.

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