Power washing is a great way to clean up hard surfaces.  Commercial businesses with high traffic areas may benefit from power washing services.  If the entrance to your business is covered with dirt, oil, gum and other debris consider power washing.  High pressured water being dispensed out of a small nozzle creates a strong cleaning tool.  Water from a pressure washer can make cement surfaces look almost like new.  Power washing will usually do the trick when it comes to grease and grime.  Sometimes it may be necessary use a cleaner or de-greaser to help break up heavy grease.

Power Washing

Benefits of power washing.

Front entrances, drive through areas and garbage areas are all great candidates for power washing.  Front entrances to businesses are often covered with caked on dirt and gum.  Power washing will help remove gum from cement surfaces with out the need to scrape or scrub the area.  Drive through areas attract a lot of oil from cars waiting in line.  Oil will not completely come off of your hard surface and will usually stain it.  Power washing should be done in these areas to remove oil build up, so that the area is not as slick.  Oil build-up can create slip hazards for customers visiting your property.  Garbage areas can attract rodents and insects to your property.  Power washing can remove caked on food or waste products that attract these type of pests.  Power washing garbage areas on a regular basis will keep rodents and insects at a minimum.

Buildings and decks can also benefit from an occasional power washing.  When power washing these types of items, make sure that you are using the right tip on your power washer.  Using the correct fan tip will also determine the outcome of the job.  It is also very important to use the right water pressure for different applications.  Too much pressure can cause damage to siding and wood decks.  Too little pressure may not clean well.

Power washer units.