Putting greens have become a popular landscape addition over the years.  What could be better than having your own personal putting green right in your back yard?  The trend is catching on and more folks are looking for ways to relax at their own home.  Putting greens offer you the ability to relax and practice your golf game right at home.  Not only are putting greens fun for adults, but kids and grand kids love them as well.  These low maintenance additions to your landscape can provide fun all summer long.

Putting Green

How to install a putting green.

If you are looking to install a putting green in your back yard, there are a few things that you should know.

  • Site excavation is the most important part to your project.  Make sure that you excavate the area for the putting green correctly so that water flows off of your green.  The last thing that you want is a putting green that holds water or pools up when it rains.
  • Determine where you want your hole to be.  Once you have picked a spot, make sure to install your pvc hole before you pour cement.
  • Once your site is excavated you can pour your concrete.  There are other options available for the foundation of your putting green, but we recommend using cement so that you have a solid base for your green.  Cement does not need to be laid perfectly level.  You can add some slight curves  or small dips along the way to increase the challenge of your green.  The options are endless with a custom green.  You can design a wide or narrow putting area on one side and add more challenging features on the other side.
  • Once your cement is poured, install your synthetic turf.  You can purchase artificial grass online instead of outdoor carpet.  Synthetic turf looks like real grass and will hold up better over the years of weathering.
  • Once you secure your synthetic grass to your cement, you are ready to start using your putting green.