Birds Nest Spruce

Birds Nest Spruce is a dwarf evergreen shrub.  This evergreen prefers full sun exposure for the best results.  Leaving adequate growing room around this shrub is essential.  If other plants encroach on the growing area of this evergreen, they may cause the plant to die back.  Most die back will not recover, and the plant will need to be replaced.

The needles of this spruce are less than an inch long. They are soft to the touch. Needles on Birds Nest are similar to that of Black Hills Spruce. New needle growth comes in as light green and darkens as the plant matures. This bush is compact and only gets about three feet wide and tall when it is fully mature.

Birds Nest is a very hardy plant that winters well.  This plant is also wind resistant and can tolerate most weather conditions.  If drought and extreme temperatures persist, occasional watering may be necessary.   Pruning is not required as this evergreen maintains its form well. Pruning should be limited to removing any dead or damaged material. This plant does not tolerate salt well, so make sure that you install it where it will not be exposed to potential damage.  If you are looking for a hardy evergreen specimen for your project, consider planting Birds Nest Spruce.

Birds Nest Spruce

Birds Nest Spruce

Picea Abies ‘Nidiformis’

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Green

Zone- 3-7

Height- 3′

Spread- 3′

Light- Sun

Details- Birds Nest Spruce is a relatively small, compact evergreen plant.  This is a low maintenance evergreen shrub.

Pruning-  This plant requires minimal if any pruning.  Birds Nest Spruce look their best when left natural.

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