Dwarf Korean Lilac

Dwarf Korean Lilac is a spring-flowering deciduous shrub.  This shrub is extremely popular because of its beautiful and fragrant flowers.  Dwarf Korean Lilac grows relatively round, making this plant easy to prune.  This shrub grows to five feet wide and tall. The foliage of this plant stays green all summer long and turns dark purple to yellow in the fall.  The leaves of this plant are medium in size, and they are about the size of a quarter. Foliage on the lilac is round with a pointed tip.

Dwarf Korean Lilac can be planted as a stand-alone plant or in a hedge. Lilac shrubs can tolerate heavy pruning. If you are planning on pruning your shrub, make sure to wait until after it is done flowering. Summer pruning works best for light to moderate pruning. Heavy pruning should be done in winter when the plant is dormant. Winter pruning makes it easier to remove larger sections of the plant. You can also thin the plant easier without all of the foliage.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Syringa Meyeri ‘Palibin’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Light purple

Foliage Color- Green

Zone- 3-7

Height- 4′

Spread- 5′

Light- Sun

Details- Late summer bloomer with strong, fragrant flowers.  The large lavender flower clusters decorate this shrub and increase its eye appeal.

Pruning-  Dwarf Korean Lilac shrubs should be pruned immediately after the plant is done blooming.  Removing old flower clusters will encourage new flowers to emerge.  Pruning at other times of the year will not hurt the plant, but it may reduce the number of flowers for the next season.  Do not remove more than one-third of the plant during a pruning session.  Removing too much of the plant at one time may stress the plant.

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