Green Velvet Boxwood

Green Velvet Boxwood is an evergreen shrub with small green leaves.  This shrub works well as a stand-alone plant, or it can be installed as a hedge.  Green Velvet Boxwood naturally grows in a globe form.  This evergreen grows about three feet tall and wide when it is fully mature.

Pruning this plant will help keep new growth in check.  If this evergreen is installed as a stand-alone plant, it should be pruned as a globe.  Hedges work best when pruned in a square form.  Whatever the installation application is, this plant is gorgeous.

One of the best things about Green Velvet Boxwood is that this variety of boxwood resists winter burn quite well.  Most other types of boxwood will succumb to winter burn if there are extremely cold temperatures during the winter.  Winter burn causes the leaves of the evergreen to yellow or brownout, and substantial dieback can occur in some plants.  For plants such as boxwood, the dieback can be devastating because the plant will lose its form.  Once the form is lost, it can take many years to regrow, or it may never fully recover.

Green Velvet Boxwood

Green Velvet Boxwood

Buxus ‘Green Velvet’

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Dark Green

Zone- 5-9

Height- 2′-3′

Spread- 3′

Light- Sun

Details- This compact evergreen shrub is low maintenance.  This broadleaf evergreen is a moderate growing shrub.  Green Velvet Boxwood requires regular watering during hot and dry periods.

Pruning-  Summer pruning is the best time to trim this shrub.  Pruning should not be drastic but limited to keeping the plant neat in appearance.

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