Moonshadow Wintercreeper

Moonshadow Wintercreeper is a broadleaf evergreen shrub. This plant boasts attractive yellow and green leaves. The leaves of this shrub are small and tough. The surface of the leaves is glossy and similar to that of the Boxwood. Plant stems are sturdy and erect. Since this is a creeping shrub, it may need to be pruned to maintain its shape.

The mature plant grows wider than it does tall.  This evergreen works well as a low hedge or ground cover plant.  This shrub grows best in part shade to full sun exposure.  Regular watering is required when high temperatures and drought conditions persist.  The bright yellow foliage of this evergreen contrasts other evergreen plants nicely.  Installing deciduous shrubs as a backdrop to this evergreen will produce an eye-appealing landscape.

Moonshadow Wintercreeper is part of the Euonymus genus. There are 175 different plants in the Euonymus family. This genus includes a wide variety of plants from shrubs to trees to creeping vines.  Many Euonymus plants originate from Asia. There are quite a few plants in this family that work well in zones 4-8.

Moonshadow Wintercreeper

Moonshadow Wintercreeper

Euonymus Fortunei ‘Moonshadow’

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Green leaves with a yellow spot on them.

Zone- 4-9

Height- 1′-2′

Spread- 3′-4′

Light- Part shade to sun.

Details-  Moonshadow Wintercreeper displays variegated green and yellow foliage.  This plant is a unique evergreen that is not entirely green in color.  This shrub is low growing and can be used as ground cover.

Pruning-  Trimming needs to be done once annually to help the plant maintain its shape.  Pruning should be limited to keeping straggling branches under control.  Drastic pruning of this shrub is not usually necessary.

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