PeeGee Hydrangea

PeeGee Hydrangea compact deciduous shrub. This plant is an excellent summer bloomer to install in your landscape.  This deciduous shrub produces white flowers in mid-summer.  The flowers turn from white to pink in the fall.  Flowers of this bush have petals that are about the size of a fingernail. There are about four petals that make up a flower on his hydrangea. Flowers will form from small clusters of pink buds. Once the buds break and the plant matures, thick stems hold each flower.

The green summer foliage turns to yellow in the fall.  This plant is very hardy and is resistant to most insects and diseases.  Compact PeeGee looks almost identical to that of the PeeGee.  The most significant difference between the two plants is that the compact variety only grows to half the size of the standard variety.  PeeGee Hydrangea prefers well-drained soil, but they adapt well to other soil conditions.

Compact PeeGee Hydrangea

PeeGee Hydrangea Flowers

PeeGee Hydrangea Leaves

PeeGee Hydrangea Compact

Hydrangea Paniculata ‘Compact’

Plant Details

Flower Color- White summer flowers that turn pink in the fall.

Foliage Color- Green in the summer, yellow shade in the fall.

Zone- 3-8

Height- 6′

Spread- 6′

Light- Part shade to full sun

Details-  This deciduous shrub will bloom mid-summer up until the first frost.  The blooms of this plant are about the size of a baseball and are abundant. Flowers are a pink-salmon color.

Pruning-  The ideal time to prune this plant is in late winter or early spring before the plant starts to bud out.  This plant can be pruned during the summer to remove flowers for decoration.

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