Pink Knock Out Rose

Pink Knock Out Rose ® is low maintenance rose which is resistant to many diseases and insects.  This rose is black spot resistant.  Pink Knock Out has dark green leaves that contrast the bright pink flowers nicely.  The flowers of this shrub are showy and decorate the plant all summer long.  This is a continuous blooming rose-bush.

The flowers of this rose reach up to about 2″ in size.  The leaves of this rose plant turn burgundy in the fall.  Since Pink Knock Out Rose ® is compact, it is perfect for planting in most full sun areas in your landscape.  Pink Knock Out Rose ® does require watering during periods of high heat and drought conditions.  This rose makes a great stand-alone plant, or it looks great in mass plantings.  If you are looking for a near problem free rose, consider planting this rose in your landscape.

One of the drawbacks of this rose is that it is susceptible to Japanese Beetle damage. During the summer, beetles will feed on the foliage and flowers of this plant. The loss can be devastating if left untreated. A broad spectrum insecticide such as Seven can prevent Japanese Beetles from destroying your plant. Since this plant is deciduous, it will re-leaf the following year. If the damage is currently present your plant, you can take preventative measures the next year to prevent a repeat.

Pink Knock Out Rose

Pink Knock Out Rose Flower

Pink Knock Out Rose ®

Rosa X ‘Radcon’ P.P. #15070

Plant Details

Flower Color- Pink

Foliage Color- Dark Green

Zone- 4-9

Height- 3′-4′

Spread- 3′-4′

Light-Full Sun

Details- Abundant bright pink flowers bloom all summer long.  Disease resistant rose plant.

Pruning-  Prune this plant in late winter to promote new spring growth.

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