Snowmound Spirea

Snowmound Spirea is a large deciduous shrub. This plant produces beautiful white flower clusters in May through June.  The beautiful white flowers are draped on cascading branches.  Flowers of this spirea are made up five petals. Each petal is round and about the size of a pencil eraser. In the center of the flower is a bright yellow core. Emerging from the core of the flower are tiny filaments with anthers on their tips. The small flowers build themselves into clusters which cover the entire plant. The foliage of this shrub is rounded with serrated edges.

The flowers of Snowmound Spirea will help attract butterflies to your property.  This spirea is very showy and makes an excellent presentation in your landscape.  This spirea grows best in partial shade to full sun.  During the summer heat, this plant requires watering at least once per week to keep it looking great.  This spirea is a moderate growing shrub.

Snowmound Spirea

Snowmound Spirea in Bloom

Snowmound Spirea Flowers

Snowmound Spirea

Spiraea Nipponica ‘Snowmound’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Bright White

Foliage Color- Green

Zone- 4-8

Height- 3′-5′

Spread- 3′-5′

Light-Part shade to full sun.

Details-  This spirea boasts abundant white flowers that cascade down the branches of this shrub.  This shrub is a moderate grower and will reach five feet tall and wide when it is fully mature.

Pruning-  Pruning should be done in early spring when the shrub is done flowering.  Pruning can be done at other times of the year, but future flowers may be compromised.  Since the plant grows like a globe, it should be pruned into a ball shape.  If you do not keep this shrub trimmed annually, it will get wild and out of control.

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