Summer Wine Ninebark

Summer Wine Ninebark ® is a deciduous, late summer bloomer.  This shrub has dark foliage contrasted with white to pink flowers.  Foliage colors include dark green, dark purple, burgundy and reddish-brown. The leaves of this shrub are serrated on their edges.  Buds on this plant are pink with purple stripes. When the buds open up, they are bright white. Extruding from the center of the white flowers are filaments. Attached to the filaments are anthers with yellow tips. The center of the flowers is also yellow.

You can cut the flowers of this shrub for use in home decor.  Summer Wine Ninebark ® grows best in full sun exposure.  This shrub is relatively drought resistant once it is fully established.  The mature plant can reach up to six feet tall and wide.  This shrub works best as a stand-alone plant.

Summer Wine Ninebark ® is unusual because of its dark foliage color. Not too many shrubs have dark purple foliage. This shrub works well as a contrast plant for this reason. If you are looking to add additional foliage interest to your landscape, consider a Ninebark variety.

Summer Wine Ninebark

Summer Wine Ninebark ®

Physocarpus Opulifolious ‘Seaward’ P.P. #14, 821, C.B.R. #2,641

Plant Details

Flower Color- White to Pink

Foliage Color- Dark Purple

Zone- 3-5

Height- 5′-6′

Spread- 5′-6′

Light- Sun

Details- Dark purple foliage complements the light pink summer flowers.  This shrub naturally grows in a globe form.  Summer Wine Ninebark ® works well as a stand-alone plant. Works well as a background plant or paired with a green leafed plant.

Pruning-  Pruning should be done immediately after the shrub is done flowering.  Since the bush naturally grows in a globe form, consider pruning the plant in a ball. As always, remove any damaged or dead areas as soon as possible.

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